A Global Entertainment

Specializing in unique, experiential and large scale experiences. With over 165,000 sqft of prime real estate in tourist cities and our expansion of licensed partnerships, we are able to design and create highly anticipated experiences all around the world, all year round.

Our Legacy & Vision

Founded in April 14 1956, Cityneon was guided by the principles of excellence coupled with an unwavering commitment to deliver on our promises. Since then, we have grown from strength to strength.

Today, we are a global entertainment company, delivering highly anticipated experiences for visitors all around the world, all year round.

Our Philosophy

Big Ideas. Bigger Experiences encapsulates our business philosophy. Our offerings are geared to meet and exceed the Cityneon Criterion. We believe that these criteria will push our imagination and expand the paradigm of what is possible for large-scale, immersive experiences.

Cityneon Criterion

We deliver original ideas, formulated by synergizing our global assets with various resources and infusing them with our creative spirit.

Wide-ranging, inclusive and awe-inspiring, Cityneon experiences are designed to enthrall and captivate all our visitors.

Driven by great storytelling and complemented by unimaginable environments, visitors experience a sense of connection, wonder and amazement; igniting their imagination.

Highly immersive experiences that drives our narrative and visuals. Multiple senses are engaged to fuel the imagination of visitors.

Technology is leveraged and exploited as tools to tell immersive stories and create unique experiential entertainment.

Awards and Accolades